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Our Infant-Toddler Center is licensed for 32 children between the ages of birth to twenty-four months of age.  This is a time of rapid physical and mental growth.


Because we recognize that children have different interests and needs based on their specific level of development, we separate the children into five different programs based on each child's age and readiness.  Each class consists of six to eight children with a minimum of two caregivers.


Infants - Birth to 7 months

Tiny Tots - 7 to 12 months

Young Toddlers - 12 to 15 months

Transitional Munchkins - 15 to 19 months

Munchkins- 19 to 24 months


Please understand that the age groups are approximate.  We may graduate children into the next program earlier or later than the age range indicated, based upon the children's level of development and/or space availability. 


As a general rule, we try to keep the same children together as they move throughout the Infant-Toddler Center.  This helps to ease transitions into the next program.



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