Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are not only fun and engaging, but they also promote creativity, independence, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. These activities also help develop fine motor skills. We do a variety of different arts and crafts with our children, including painting, drawing, stamping, and gluing. We use these activities as an opportunity to help children identify different colors and shapes. 


The first few years of life are a crucial period for language development. These skills develop best in an environment that is rich with consistent exposure to speech and language. Therefore, we incoporate reading and story time into the schedule daily to promote language development and encourage the children to use thier words to express their wants and needs while modeling appropriate language and speech patterns. 


Music stimulates many different developmental skills in children and helps the body and mind work together. Regular exposure to music during early childhood helps improve memory, brain development, auditory skills, motor skills, self-expression and sensory development. We incorporate music throughout the day in various ways and the children love to sing and dance along to all their favorite songs.




Movement is a crucial part of large motor skill development. These skills develop rapidly during the first few years of life and help to provide the foundation for movement, balance,  and coordination. Giving children the opportunity to move allows them to master these skills and promote muscle development and promote autonomy. We allow the children to safely explore their environment and test their physical limits from crawling and walking to running and climbing. 


While children aren't doing complex math during the infant and toddler years, the foundation for mathematics is being formed. Mathematics helps young children make sense of the world around them and find meaning in the physical world. Through math, children learn to understand the world in terms of numbers and shapes. They learn to reason, connect ideas, and think logically. At our center, we develop the foundation for math by learning about numbers and shapes through basic counting, sorting, and classifying objects. 

Outside Play

We take advantage of the beautiful weather we have here in the Bay Area and incorporate outside play time for our toddlers where they can explore and develop their large motor skills in a safe environment. Our facility is equipped with a fenced in yard and many outdoor activities such as slides, tunnels, a sandbox, climbing structures, bubble play, and a variety of outdoor toys. During the hot summer days, we also incorporate water play during our outdoor time. 

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