What to Expect

2022 Holiday Calendar

We will be closed the following days in 2022:


January 17th


February 18th/21st


April 15th


May 30th


June 6th - June 10th


July 4th


September 5th


October 10th


November 23rd - 25th


December 23rd - January 1st




President's Weekend


Good Friday


Memorial Day


Summer Break


Independence Day


Labor Day


Columbus Day




Winter Break

What to Bring

First Steps provides: cribs, sleeping mats, blankets, feeding utensils, bibs, and washcloths for the children and all toys and equipment (i.e. swings, feeding seats, changing tables, etc.)


Since every family has different preference regarding name brands, the following supplies are brought from home: 

  • Diapers (cloth or disposable)
  • Formula/Breast milk
  • Diaper Ointments
  • 2 complete changes of clothes/shoes

Supplies are usually brought in at the beginning of the week and stored here at the Center. Your child's teachers will notify you when you are running low on any supplies. 

Daily Schedule

Since our infants and toddlers are on very individualized schedules, we do not follow a structured daily program. We do, however, incorporate music, story time, art, large motor play, outside play, and directed free play into the daily program in order to provide the children with a variety of experiences and spotaneous age-appropriate activities. You can learn more about these activities by clicking the button below. 

Daily Reports and Journals

Parents receive a written daily report on their child. This report documents your child's feedings, nap times, medication, and observations of your child's day. This report will also inform parents of any needed supplies. 


In addition, parents of children in the Munchkin class will recieve a weekly written report on their child in the form of a journal. Parents are expected to take the journal home weekly and respond with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions they may have. This journal makes a wonderful diary of your child's development and is an excellent form of communication between parents and teachers. 


Children in the infant room sleep in our nap room. Each child is assigned his/her own crib and they are rocked to sleep on an individual basis. Children in the other programs use sleeping mats on the floor in their own individual classroom. Each child has their own bed or crib they use daily and do not share these with any other children. 



Diaper Changes

Our policy is to check and/or change the children's diapers every 2 hours or in between as needed. A diaper chart is posted at every station. Parents are welcome to check the diaper chart at the end of the day.


Our staff wear disposable gloves when changing diapers and they carefully wash their hands and wipe down the changing area after EVERY diaper change. Universal precautions are followed at all times. 



BREAKFAST: We are happy to serve breakfast to your child in the mornings between the hours of 7:30 to 8:15 AM. We are unable to serve breakfast to children arriving after 8:15 AM as it prevents us from following our program schedule.


**Breakfast and Lunch must be brought from home** 

(First Steps provides a morning and afternoon snack for the children)


LUNCH: Lunches are brought from home on a daily basis. We have a refrigerator to keep perishable items such as yogurt, jello, meat, and dairy products. Space is limited so please include a frozen ice pack in your child's lunch box if necessary. Our staff will heat up your child's lunch, set it out for them, and assist them with feeding if necessary.


DINNER: Due to our center hours, dinner meals are not provided. 

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